Friday, June 21, 2013

Photoshop Friday Returns

If you've ever spent any time at all on, then you know a favorite part of her site is Photoshop Friday. These are mini technique classes that are taught every Friday during a period of time. This summer there will be 13 of them! We've already had 3 covering extracting elements from patterned paper, making your journaling fit a certain shape, and making a 9-photo grid. You can check them out here. While you are there, check out this new FREE class. There are other new ones popping up too.

Since today was laundry day and my laptop was already downstairs, I worked on the first 3 Photoshop Friday classes (PSFs). It was hard to get used to this little screen...I'm used to a bigger monitor that I hook up with my laptop to have both screens going at the same time. I was without my Wacom tablet too. After working so long with a pen with all my keystrokes programmed in, I had a hard time remembering what they were. And also along those lines, I was trying to work on PSE 10 instead of CS5 and that got frustrating because some of the stuff I was trying to do couldn't be done in PSE so I gave up and went back to CS5. I managed to get all three done though!

This one is from Extract a Pattern:

and Shape Text:

and 9-photo Grid:

So if you have ever wanted to try digital scrapbooking, this is a good way to do it!  You get a free layered template with each class that already includes some elements on it. Pretty much everything else is drag and drop unless it's the technique that's being taught. :)

Stinkin' buzzer just went off on the dryer. Happy scrappin'!