Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quick Layout

Just real quick...I made this page this morning using one of Tiffany Tillmans's templates (you can get it by signing up for her newsletter at Simply Tiffany) and the kit you get for signing up at P&Co. Brannon's home sick again so I'm trying to avoid the germs by staying in my craft room. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I don't know about your house but cooties have been flying left and right here! It started off with Ali getting a stomach virus on Thursday and staying home from school Thursday and Friday.  She was feeling a little better on Saturday.  Some friends from Utah were in town so we went with them and a few other friends to dinner. Caden was HORRIBLE! And he brought Colton down with him. I'm not even going to go into what all they did but it'll be awhile before they get to go to another restaurant! I can only imagine what everyone thought.  We did try getting on them but once Caden gets going, you can't stop him no matter what.  At least we were back in a private room but still! Anyway, when we got home, he Caden decided it was his turn to get sick. We didn't even see that one coming considering how he was before. I've been getting touches of it off and on but never like they did.  Colty has a little bit of a cold and Brannon ended up staying home from work today because he was sick.  I AM SICK of the cooties! Saturday ended up being a nice 65 degree day so I had the windows open trying to air out the house. Lysol stockholders need to thank me for using their product so much too. You're welcome! ;)

On a brighter note, I got another calling at church.  I was released as the Relief Society secretary and now will be on the committee for Relief Society activities.  I liked being the secretary and loved everyone I worked with but I am ready for a break.  I did that for 3 years so it was time for a change. Of course, since Caden was sick, I didn't get to be there for the changes.

Even when he's sick, Caden is pretty creative! He invented a new Batman vehicle and built it out of Legos.

He made me take pictures and post them on Facebook and Instagram and then kept making me check it to see if any of my friends liked it. He was soooo excited when someone did!

I got a couple of more Project Life spreads done too. I'm really liking this! I bought more templates from Becky Higgin's today but don't you dare tell Brannon! :)  I really want to get the rest of the core kits. I have Clementine but I really like the rest of them too.  I don't want my whole book to look exactly the same for 52 weeks.  I've been incorporating other scrappy supplies too.

So here's Week 2...

and Week 3...

And since Saturday was so warm, I managed to get some pictures of the kids!  You can see a few of them on the Week 3 layout.  I really like how they turned out.  Turns out all I had to do to be happier with my pictures was to learn Lightroom!  Wish I had learned that a lot sooner!!  I do most of the main edits in LR, export them as .psd files into a folder on my EHD, and then finish up in Photoshop.  Sounds way more complicated than it is. :)

Well, my kids neglected to come with mute buttons so it's up to me to go quiet them down before Brannon gets woke up.  Uggghhhh...too late!!!  Bye!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project Life 2013

I just finished taking Digital Project Life at  I've been wanting to try it for awhile but didn't really know how to get started...not sure why I had such a mental block on it. Jessica is about to make it a self-paced class so if this is something you are interested in, you can still take it pretty soon.  I'm hoping that I can get caught back up with my scrapbooking. The last couple of years have been a little hard dealing with my miscarriages and I just wasn't in the mood for much of anything...I've done a few pages but nothing much.  A few weeks ago Colton told me he wished I'd add some to his books and last week he told me he missed the days when we would craft together.  He loves to help!  So it's time I get started with it again.  And I'm working more on my photography too. Hope to make it a business this year!!

I have my PL title page done and will work on the 2nd week today (with any luck at all). I used Becky Higgins' Clementine Edition and some supplies we got in class plus some supplies from various designers I just have in my stash. Now that I see how much fun and how easy PL is I wish I'd stocked up on all the kits while they were at JessicaSprague!!  Becky has opened up her own digi store at AC Digitals so you can still get them there or find the already printed traditional kits at Amazon...just do a search for Project Life and you'll find TONS!

And thanks to my friend Mechelle whose pictures I stole off of Facebook since I didn't take any. :)