Monday, July 23, 2012


I have been playing around in Photoshop today instead of cleaning my house like I should be doing.  I made a template (for digi-scrappers) or you can look at it as a sketch for you paper scrappers.  Or make it into a little of both!  I left it open to where you can put your title and journaling where you want plus other embellies that you may want to add.  Look at the post below this one with the Surprise! layout if you need a sample.  I guess I go about it a little backwards...I make the layout first and then make a template from it. lol  If you want the layered version, just click on the template's a direct download so you don't have to mess with pop-ups or wait for the download link to appear.  

For those of you who've never used a layered template or haven't used any of Jessica Sprague's templates (I learned how to make them from her)....every layer that has a + sign in the layer name is a layer where you are going to clip your paper to.  Except for the background don't have to clip anything to that layer. Just click on the background layer and move your paper over.  As long as it's 12 x 12 at 300 dpi, you are good to go!  For the other layers though you will need to clip your papers in. 

Clipping instructions...

1. Target your layer in the layers palette where you want you paper to appear.

2. Open your paper up and select the move tool.

3. Move your paper to the template.  The process for this is different between versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  If you need help with this part, leave a comment and I'll try to help you figure out what to do with your particular version.  If you have another program outside of Photoshop products, I don't have a clue. ;)

4. Make sure that your paper really did come in on the layer above the one you want to clip to...if it didn't, then move it down real quick.

5. Hover your mouse between the two layers and hold your Alt (Option for Mac) key. The cursor should change to a snowman looking thing (or if you like the boring description...two interlocking circles). If you have CS6, it won't look like this but I can't remember what it's supposed to...but it will change it's shape so you know you have it. Click down and the layer above (the paper layer) will get this down arrow icon in front of it showing that it was clipped to the layer below it. 
Alternate CS (Photoshop):  Move your paper to the layer above the clipping mask. Make sure your paper layer is targeted still and right-mouse click.  Click Create Clipping Mask.
Alternate PSE (Elements): Do the same for Photoshop but instead of right-mouse clicking, hit Ctrl (Cmd) G and it will clip it down for you. :)

What this does is to allow you to shape your paper or photos without having to delete any of it.  If you will grab on to your paper with the move tool, you will see that you can move it around to whatever position you if you like one side of the paper better than the other, you can move it to the "good" side. You can also transform (resize) your paper and photos to fit the clipping mask better.  It opens up a whole lot of options for you!! 

Have fun with it and I'd love to see what you do with it if you want to share!!