Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here I am Again!

Just to catch up a little bit...I'm taking a break from being in a shop.  Just when things were looking up, it got crazy busy around here and something had to give.  I'm still designing some but not selling right now. :)  I'll be back though.  I've also been keeping busy on Jessica Sprague's site.  We just finished her 5th birthday celebration with sales and free classes.  It looks like the free class is still available to take.  You can find it here.  You will learn some cool new tricks and get a preview of what her other classes are like.  And you can find all the help you need in the forums if you get stuck or don't understand anything and as usual, you can still be assigned a mentor. :)

Now on to other things...have I mentioned how much I love my Silhouette????  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but just in case...I <3 MY SILHOUETTE!!!  I haven't really been playing with it much since it's been so busy and I wore my blade and mat out making those teacher albums.  But I had an idea for my bedroom and when I'm in a crafty mood, I want to do it then and not wait for Amazon to ship something.  So I decided to try cutting vinyl anyway with a crappy blade and IT WORKED!  I can't get it to cut card stock right now but vinyl was easy peasy!  See?  It even cut that detailed chandelier (House of 3 available in the Silhouette store) with NO problem at all.

I didn't have any Silhouette vinyl in brown but still had some Cricut brand and it worked just fine.  My mother-in-law bought me these frames for Christmas and I had a different idea for them but my bedroom wall has been waiting a long time.  I like how it turned out too.

On the 6th, some of my designer friends and I are participating in a blog hop.  So be sure to check back here to grab you some free digi supplies!

Hopefully, I'll be done with mine in time!  :)

And another plug (please note I don't get paid for any of this...if I like it, then I'll share it)...ACDSee is having a sale on their software.  It's only for one more day though so if you are interested, you need to hurry over there.  It's a great organizational tool for digi supplies.  I finally bought it when I saw it on sale and I'm really excited to get everything tagged so I can find my supplies again.  I used to use Organizer but haven't since I upgraded to CS5.  You can still use Organizer with it but it's just not as easy.  Sooo...if I'm not on here for awhile, know I'll be tagging away!  :)