Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kissy Kissy

Finally!  Kissy Kissy is done and loaded in the store and ready for release tomorrow (or today if you are reading this on Friday lol)!!  I really wanted this done last week but no matter what I did, I just couldn't get there.  It's just been crazy around here between kids and trying to get sick and a million other things you can relate to.  And I really need to go down and make's already 6:30.  Laundry could use some attention too come to think of it. Not to mention the Flash and Art Journal classes I have woefully neglected.  But before everyone starts screaming "I'm hungry", I will show you the new kit. :)

I'll have to link it up for you tomorrow when it is actually in the store.  Brannon is supposed to be taking off tomorrow so if I don't get it linked you can click on the Berry Sweet blinkie up in the upper left of this page and it will take you to my store (sorry all of you English majors...I'm the queen of run-on sentences).  

Here's a couple of add-on kits that will be released tomorrow too...

I had a lot of fun making this kit and I hope you can have fun with it also!  Even though I guess it's technically a Valentine's Day kit, you can use it for other projects too.  See my layout below???  Definitely NOT Valentine's!!

This is just a sampling of what I live with.  Thank goodness for my daughter!!!

Ok...I guess my family really is ready to eat and to tell you the truth I'm kinda hungry too.

OH!!!  I forgot to mention that this whole collection + the add-on kits are 30% off this weekend (Friday, 10th-Monday, 13th).  After that, it'll be business as usual!

Have a great weekend and a great Valentine's Day!