Monday, January 16, 2012

Now for my Big Announcement!

Well, it's big to me anyway!  lol  I am now selling my kits at Berry Sweet Scraps!  I didn't want to tell everyone until I got all my kits from the other store moved.  I'm really excited about my move!  Right now there is a Grand Opening 50% store-wide sale going on...just for January.  There are lots of challenges and games going on too.  They are a great group of people and I really think you'll like them too. 

Now for some JessicaSprague news....

Candice Stringham's new flash class...A Flash of starting soon.  Registration opens tonight for it!  I'm really excited to learn about my flash!  Candice is a great teacher and gives out tons of information.  This class is going to be set up like Oh Shoot in that there is an extended version and a standard version.  The extended version is limited class size...she comments on each assignment.  I want to be in this one...she's very encouraging and gives great advice on how to improve things and lets you know what you are doing right.  But I will be in the standard version.  You get everything the extended class does except for the comments from Candice.  She's pretty active in the class forum too.  Her teacher assistants are really great about helping too.  And as with all classes, once you sign up for them, they remain in your class menu forever.  So if you can't get to a lesson right now, it's still there for when you can!

It's a beautiful day here so I'm going to get outside and go walking with the family!  :) Have a great day!!