Thursday, March 29, 2012

Berry Sweet Announcements :)

April is starting out with a bang at Berry Sweet!! First, it's the start of a whole new round of challenges.We are doing the challenges a little differently now.  There's no longer a point system.  Instead, each designer is hosting a challenge or a speed scrap and will be responsible for her own prizes.  So, if you participate in all the challenges, you can end up with a bunch of coupons and products from the Berry Sweet Girls! 

You can find the challenge on the message boards at Berry Sweet.  The kit can be found on the store blog. {Link to kit won't be available until March 31st. Also, the challenges won't be posted until April 1st.}

Interested in a couple of sales???  How about Berry Sweet $1 Deals???  On March 30-April 1, you can find a couple of products from each designer on sale for $1 (betcha didn't guess that, huh?). I'll have these two in the $1 sale this time...

Click on the images to go directly to the product pages. ;)
Then, the Berry Sweet Store will have a store-wide sale of 45% for Easter weekend.  This will be a great time to get the supplies you need to scrap all of your Easter memories!

I also have a new kit that I'm putting finishing touches on.  I'll let you know when it's ready for the store!

See ya later!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kissy Kissy Bird Mini-Album--Silhouette

I LOVE my Silhouette!  I thought I loved my Cricut when I first got it and I did at first but then really started feeling the limitations of it.  I hung on because I noticed the usb port on the back of it and heard hints of fun things coming for it.  Then, they released Cricut Design Studio.  I rushed out and got it.  It wasn't long until I figured out that it was pretty limited too unless you owned all of those cartridges.  Sure Cuts a Lot was a dream come true!!  And then there was the lawsuit so Cricut owners don't even have that option anymore unless they already had the software.  I do have a point to all of this!!  Promise!!  I opened up the box for the Cameo and installed the software.  Right out of the box, you have 51 images to play with plus a gift card for $10 more to go towards any you want to buy from their web site...most of which start off at $.99 so you could potentially get 10 more plus the free shape of the week.  You can use any fonts already installed on your computer.  Plus, you can import .pngs and .jpegs to offer even more design possibilities.  If you would like the option of importing .svgs, you will need to upgrade to their Designer Studio software...hopefully I can upgrade to that soon so I can play around more with my own designs.  Anyway, that was right out of the box...already way more than Cricut ever offered us!!  I upgraded my SCAL software as soon as I ordered the Cameo.  If you already have SCAL 2, you can upgrade to SCAL 3 for free to use with the other die-cutters (it doesn't work for Cricuts anymore though).  You just have to provide the serial number for SCAL 2 to qualify for the free upgrade...or at least this was still the case last week. ;) on to my project.  I needed to make a baby gift yesterday for a baby shower last night (nothing like waiting until the last minute!).  I already had the shadow box (see last post) but wanted to make a mini-album too.  I've been really wanting to make an album using the bird I created for Kissy Kissy.  So after a couple of hours of searching YouTube and playing around with the software, I figured out how to do the bird AND use the Print and Cut feature...have I mentioned that print and cut is my FAVORITE part of the Cameo???  Here's some quick instructions on how I did this...mainly so I won't forget the next time I need/want to do this. ;)  I opened up the .svg file in Illustrator and assembled the bird pieces back together (they are separated in the version I have for sale so the different pieces can be cut out of different papers). Then, I exported the file as a .png file and opened it up in Photoshop.  In PS, I added the colors and patterns I wanted for the different parts getting this.

I opened this in the Silhouette software.  I used the Trace feature and traced around it.  This is really where YouTube came in handy...I watched a few tuts and combined some of the ideas.  I got it traced out and added the registration marks that the Cameo needs to know where to cut the image and printed it and cut it out.  That part was pretty easy once I got the hang of it.  Then for the rest of the pages, I just moved the colored part off of the artboard and did a fill page. I ended up with 4 birds per page and cut them out of cream cardstock.  Oh and for the covers, I also cut out the birds with a manilla folder and glued the printed part to them.  If you want the front and back covers printed, you will need to do a mirror image of the color bird. ;)  You can do this within the software too.  To decorate the inside pages, I made labels in PS and did the same steps I needed to do to cut the printed bird out.

I took a very fine tip pen and made "stitches" all around the birds...all 12 pages and covers, front and back.  The eye has Black Diamond Stickles on it. To assemble the album, I scored the ends of the tail and the wing that is sticking up and glued them all together above the score.  Then, I tied a ribbon around it. I started to use a notebook ring but was afraid the feet would get all tangled up and it would tear easily.

For the front inside cover, I put a "Hello, world" tag.  I thought this would be a great place to stick a newborn picture.  Each page has a number tag representing the month...front and back.  On the front of the month page is another tag "This month I...".  By the way...the Silhouette can actually handle really small scallops like the ones on those tags!!

On the inside back cover, I put a "Happy Birthday" tag for his first birthday picture.  I folded the ends of the tags with that little tool you use for scrolling.  The tags are attached with foam adhesive in the middle and just Mono Adhesive on the ends.

And this is the back!  Both of the covers are painted with Glam from Tattered Angels.  Other than that, I didn't do anything special to the back. 

I can't remember if I mentioned this yet either.  The Cameo can cut vinyl without a mat from 12" to 10'...yes, that is 12 inches by 10 feet.  I bought the Cameo bundled with the vinyl from Amazon.  The only drawback is that I couldn't pick my own color and they sent me navy blue.  But I'm going to use that for the boys' rooms as soon as they get them cleaned up and we can repaint them. They sent a roll of the transfer paper too. The vinyl is cheaper than Cricut's too and you get more of it. 

Biggest drawback...I'm not going to live long enough to do all the projects I have floating around in my head.  :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinewood Derby, A Craft Project, and a New Addition

I'm starting off with a total brag moment!  See this little cutie here???

Well, he's my little Tiger Scout. This was his first year doing the Pinewood Derby as a Cub Scout (he placed 3rd last year in the sibling race :) ).  Of course, we waited until the week before to go to Dad's to cut the car out.  And then another couple of days later I got around to painting it.  And the night before, Brannon got the wheels on and I got the stickers on (yes, Colty helped).  He wanted the car shaped like the one on the box...we assumed he was going to do a race car or he actually might have mentioned that he was at some point. By the time it came around to decorating it though, he changed his mind.  This is what he raced...

So yep...he wanted a hot rod police car!  Bet every beat cop in America is wishing for one like this!! :D

He left with this...

....a 2nd place trophy for his group!  Now, we get to go to District in April.  And now the pressure is on to help Caden come up with a fast car, too.

I spent the better part of today working on a baby gift for a friend at church that is moving in a couple of weeks.  Really going to miss her and so is my daughter!  She's Ali's Young Women's President.  Heidi Swapp has a class on Jessica Sprague called For the Love full of hybrid projects.  I found one in there that I wanted to do for Cassie. 

I took her envelopes framed in a shadow box and made if for a boy.  I have a lot of scrapbook stuff leftover from my baby days so had plenty to play with.  A few punches and ink and lots of glue later, this is what I had!  I really hope she likes it!!

And for my big surprise of the day!!!  THIS is what UPS left on my doorstep today!!!!

I've been playing with it a little.  We had to go buy Caden another pair of shoes today...we just bought him some new ones in January...not sure what that child did to them.  Anyway, that seriously cut (no pun intended) into my Cameo time.  I've got to play with it a little.  I may have to upgrade my software so I can use the Print and Cut feature on my designs.  Jessica is going to have a Silhouette class too that I'm going to take. So far I like it way more than I do my Cricut.  It comes with shapes I actually like and a $10 gift card that you can use in their online store to get more shapes...which are really cheap too.  AND as if that's not enough some of my favorite designers have shapes for sale there...Heidi Swapp (House of 3), Echo Park, Samantha Walker, and tons more! I really like the software with it too.  It's not like the Cricut's software where you have to have the actual cartridges the shapes you need are can import them (unfortunately, not .svgs unless you upgrade) and trace them.  Still trying to figure this out.  Once I get the hang of it, I'll let you know what I think of it.

I have that same little cutie from the top of this post standing here wanting me to play with him...gotta go!!  :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

March Freebie

I'm so behind!  I posted this freebie at Berry Sweet Scraps last week (was it last week already??) and totally forgot to mention it here so you could go pick it up.  Sorry!  It's a St. Patrick's Day mini-kit.

You can find the link to it on the Berry Sweet blog. While you are there, check out some of the other stuff going on.  If you are interested in being on one of the Berry Sweet teams, there are a couple of calls going on right now for Love Bugs and for Berry Sweet Girls (the designers). Our Mega Collab...Blustery now available in the store too. There are 87 papers, 174 elements, and 8 pieces of word art.

March has brought another group of challenges on the forums too!  So if you are looking for a way to jump start your creativity, head on over.