Thursday, November 3, 2011

New at KaBoks

I've got some new products in the store at kaBoks.  Fright Night is now completely complete. :)  I have added svg files (cut files) to coordinate with this collection.  They are available individually as well as all the svg files in one collection (you get a discount buying the collection).

Also, I have a Christmas kit ready for you.  There are 4 kits that make up this collection.  The two paper kits and 2 element kits are sold individually or you can buy them all together in one collection for a discounted price. I may have a collection add-on soon so keep an eye out for it.

Don't forget about Digital Scrapbook Day!  Look in the post below this one (Nov 2) and you will find a 30% off coupon good for Saturday and Sunday at kaBoks.  New things are being added weekly!  You can also find all of us in the forums.  Be sure to stop by and say hi!

Now in the midst of all this, Ali had her 12th birthday yesterday!  How in the heck did that happen????  I'm sooo not ready for her to be 12 yet.  She's been so excited about moving up to Young Women's at church and hanging out with her friends that already had their birthdays.  And guess who forgot to take a picture yesterday!  With the most beautiful day!! I didn't think about it until 5:30 when she, Caden, and Brannon were heading out the door.  And of course today it's cold.  Figures, right?  We'll do some celebrating Saturday and I've got the perfect place to take pictures.  I'll share them with you when I get them. 

Enjoy your day!