Friday, August 26, 2011

Storm Damage and BIG Announcement

As I told you in the last post, we came home from Caden's baptism to a HUGE mess.

Fence between us and neighbors and the front of ours.

same fence

This trampoline has lived a very traumatic life.

HELLO neighbors!!

fence on other side of house

neighbors tree between our houses.  This one made me sad...loved that big ol' leafy tree especially when it would bloom in the spring.  Even though the smell was horrible it was pretty. ;)

So now to my big announcement!  I've been working on digital kit designs since I took Art of Digital Design at JessicaSprague.  I'm going to be selling them now in a brand-new shop that will open at the end of September called kaBoks!!  Yay me!!!  I think you will like it there too.  The message boards are already open if you want to pop over and see what it's like.  Siri's store is going to be different...she's bringing all crafters together.  When I say all, I mean, tradtional, hybrid, card-makers, non-scrapbookers, whatever you are.  She has a big dream and a big heart and I'm so excited to be on this journey with her.  I also have some Spraguemates that will be selling there too and I'm glad I get to work with them too.  She has a team of Creative Explorers who have never done any digital before and they will report on their progress as they learn on the kaBoks blog.  I'll keep you posted on when the store's grand opening is.  The kits on my Digital Scrapbook Kits tab will be available for sale there.  Wish me luck!!

And speaking of luck...Caden is needing some.  He and Colton were taking a shower yesterday after playing in the sprinklers.  After they'd been in there awhile, I went to check on them.  I look at Colton and he has all this white stuff in his hair so I chanced a look up.  My dear sweet Caden had taken the shower head and watered the ceiling so that the popcorn texture all came down.  Now we have a HUGE watermark and exposed sheet rock.  Caden needs your prayers that that sheet rock doesn't buckle. ;)  Life at the Hackworth's....