Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baptism Day!

Caden was finally baptized today!  He turned 8 in June and we kept having to put it off.  He was so good today.  We were kind of afraid he'd get nervous and take off running.  Caden wanted me to give the talk on Baptism.  I found a story on Sugardoodle that involved smearing peanut butter to represent sin and then using a paper towel to "wash away" your sins. I definitely had to pre-warn him about that one!  Caden couldn't get through it without leaving his mark either...of course.  So after Brannon baptized him and he was pulling the plug to drain the water out of the font, Caden decided to kind of swim around in there.  It was pretty funny!  I'm really proud of my little guy!  This is all he's talked about for a couple of months and I'm happy that he finally got it done!

On our way home, we hit a storm with some pretty stout straight-line winds.  We pulled in to our neighborhood and found that the fence between us and one of our neighbors was completely down as well as some of our other fence.  The trampoline is completely mangled and sort of twisted up in the maple tree that lost a lot of limbs.  The same neighbor lost their pear tree that provides a lot of shade for our yard.  We are all very grateful that it didn't hit either one of our houses.  All my flower pots were knocked over and some of the guttering popped off. But all in all, we didn't really have a lot of un-repairable or too costly damage.  Brannon had asked Caden to say the prayer last night and we asked him to pray for rain.  The last time he did, we got a really good rainfall.  Well, I guess we did again!!!

Now, Brannon is calling me outside so until next time!