Friday, June 10, 2011


So April and May ended up being really busy months and June is starting to follow suit.  I'm just now getting some of my latest posted.  First, remember the craft desk I said that my dad was building me? Or did I just mention it on Facebook?  Anyway, I've had it for a little over a month now and I'm loving it!  It takes up all kinds of space but totally worth it.

The finished size is about 8' x 3' x 36 1/2". I still use my other cabinets and my closet but both are too messy right now to show you. ;)

Every year I make albums for all the kids teachers.  The inspiration for this year's albums was from the MPS:Mom class at Jessica Sprague's web site. At least I stole the shape and some of the elements but had to change a lot of it to fit what I was doing.  But that's the whole point of these classes, right?

I did Mrs. Spearman's first so it's a little different from the other two...just a little though.

I made little journaling tags that I sent to school for the teacher's to pass out to their classes.  When the kids filled them out, their teachers sent them back.  So they knew something was coming. The pocket on the back is for extra pictures or whatever and will even fit a cd.  The zip lock has extra elements I printed out for them to decorate their pages with after they got the pictures adhered in the book...kind of like I did with Colton's page.  I got the decorations from Echo Park's Walk in the Park Elements Pack.

Now to the project I just finished today...

This is from the MPS: Dad class. It's an album for Brannon for Father's Day.

Here are the pages both before I printed them out and how they look with the book put together and decorated.

Then my sister was just here looking at it and informed me that I put 11years instead of 9 years (of marriage).  Ooooppppssss! So I guess I'll start digging in my Thickers stash to fix that one.  I made 3 note cards so the kids can each write him a note...that's what's in the pocket.  This class is a self-paced one so you can still take it and have it finished in time for Father's Day.

Sorry for the picture sneeze....

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Charity Adams said...

Love your new desk. How lucky are you to have someone so handy to make one for you.