Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Trampoline Story

On June 6th, 2009, I finally convinced Brannon that the kids needed a trampoline.  I wanted them to have something else to do outside and get some more exercise while having fun.  And I wanted them to WANT to go outside and give me a break from all the bickering that comprises summer vacation.  It was GREAT for the first few days.  Then the first storm hit it.  And another.  Brannon called the company and got the parts to fix it and did it.  And then another storm hit it again, soon followed by 2 others.  Every time, the trampoline would either get thrown up against our fence or up against and almost over the storage shed.  We (by that I mean B) called and got replacement parts again and never got around to fixing it.  At that point, summer was almost over so it was kind of a lost cause.  When the next summer came (2010), I begged and pleaded and begged some more for the trampoline to get fixed.  It didn't happen.  But we did get to go to Disney World but there was still a whole lotta summer left when we got back.  Still no trampoline.  I let it go knowing that the Summer of 2011 was going to be different and that trampoline was going to get fixed one way or the other.  So guess what we did a few weeks ago??? The kids love having it again!  I guess it worked out since they are a little older now and hopefully a little more careful.  The net around the top didn't survive so they have to be more careful.  And now here we are today...expecting severe storms and possible tornadoes tonight.  Figures....

Supplies:  Everything from Pink Paislee Daily Junque by the House of 3 EXCEPT:  mini-staples and attacher (Tim Holtz, Ranger); scallop punch and chipboard 2 (Stampin' Up!); shipping tag and printing on tag (Mouse, Paper, Scissors class from ); chipboard tag, tiny alphas (Making Memories); ledger journaling spots (Heidi Swapp); dyes (Trunk Bay Glimmer Mist and Sprout Chalkboard Mist by Tattered Angels)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Desktop Calendar

Typically, people make their calendars in December getting ready for January.  But since I just found this tutorial a few days ago, mine is a few months in. You can find the tut here at Hungry Heffy Crafts.  I love that blog!  There's a bunch more crafty things I want to try when I get a chance to. I had to make my own measurements up and change the calendar dates so they would match this year. She has a download link on the instructions for the calendar element.  It comes in a pdf which you can open in Photoshop and fix.  A few weeks ago, Heidi Swapp was on HSN selling some of her kits.  I used her Soiree kit plus a digi patterned paper leftover from the Mouse, Paper, Scissors class, gaffer tape from 7Gypsies, a bulldog clip from Making Memories, card stock from Stampin' Up!, and the ribbon from my scrap ribbon jar. It's bound together with the Bind-it-All. 

I {heart} making rosettes!! 

So we are still in the middle of Art of Digital Design.  I'm having a blast making my own kit!  I used my own kit to make my desktop for my computer this month.  It desperately needed it...still had January up! Here's my desktop so you can kinda get a preview of what I've done with my kit.

Speaking of class, I better go do yesterday's assignment...

Friday, April 1, 2011

In Love with a Cookbook

Yeah, I know...hard to believe. Me!! Loving a cookbook!! I've had my eye on it for a long while now...ever since my friend Steph showed me hers. Then, I saw it at Wal-mart several months ago but I still didn't get it. It was too close to Christmas and I elected to buy for the kids instead of me but it sure was tempting. Then, Wednesday night I went hometeaching with Brannon. We had to stop by Sam's Club too. I always have to go down the book and software aisles...Brannon wishes I would wear blinders but that defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Anyway, here I go down the book aisle and THERE IT IS!! The Pioneer Woman cookbook!!! I was sooo excited! I'm sure Brannon thought if I could get that excited about seeing a cookbook, that I would get just as excited about cooking from a cookbook. So he bought it for me! I didn't even have to ask or sell my soul or anything. If you haven't seen it, click here. And then go to a store that carries it (or even Amazon, another love of mine) and buy it. You won't be disappointed! I made chicken spaghetti last night and it was sooo good, I ate some more today for lunch...and I'm so not a leftover kinda girl. Brannon loved it. Ali loved it. The boys wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole but they are picky that way. ;) There were only a few recipes in there that I will probably never cook...the one or two alcohol drink ones and the one with clams. That is only THREE TOPS out of the whole book! She also has tons of cute stories and tons of pictures of her family, friends, and ranch. I read the whole thing Wednesday night after we got home...including most of the recipe directions. I'll shut up now, but seriously...GO GET THE BOOK!

nope...not paid for an endorsement just really love it!