Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project Explosion!

That's about right too!  I've been taking a class at Jessica Sprague called Mouse, Paper, Scissors.  I almost didn't sign up for it but decided to last minute.  I'm so glad I did!!  Jessica is teaching the digital part and then Heidi Swapp is teaching the hybrid part of it.  We've done sooo many projects in just the couple of weeks we've been doing the class.  And it came with an awesomely packed kit too! ;)  Here are some of the projects we've done so far...

This is an observation book. Every day we have an assignment and a prompt for an observation to record. I really like this...kinda like short-hand journaling, diary-keeping. :)

This is another one that I did on my own to give as a gift. I also gave one with different papers to Ali's teacher...the pics are on another camera downstairs so no pics to share this time.

We've done a lot of cards...and envelopes too! I love my stamps still but these are fun to make.

We did this album yesterday and today! They are super cute and super easy to make. I've already got a plan for this one I did today and plans to make a few more for some albums I've been putting off that really, really need to get made. I'm only a few months late with them!

My friend Evie came over to craft with me today. She had found a tutorial for these here. I dug out all of the lace I could find and we hooked up our glue guns and lost a few fingerprints. But we did make some pretty cute flowers! Evie put hers on alligator clips. I thought I was just going to use mine for album covers but Ali informed me tonight she wants it on a hairclip. She NEVER NEVER NEVER wants her hair up so this completely shocked me!

One of these is white and the other cream. It's hard to tell the colors...indoor pics at night...but I promise that's what they are!

I've got a spring banner and some pinwheels I made over the last few days. I'm too lazy to take anymore pics but I'll try to remember after I get them fixed up.

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