Monday, November 28, 2011

Free December Desktop

I made a desktop for you with Home for the Holidays.  It's yours free!  The file is a layered .psd file.  There's space for 3 photos and I have clipping masks for them.  For those of you who don't know how to use clipping masks, it's really simple! Just move the photos you want to the top of the desktop file. Select one of the +photo layers and move your photo above it.  Hover your mouse between the photo and the +photo layer and hold the Alt key (Option if on a Mac).  When you see two interlocking circles, click with your mouse and your photo should conform itself to the boundaries of the mask.  Hit Ctrl + T to get your transform box and you can resize your picture to fit and rotate it if you want. Easy peasy!  If you have questions or get stuck, feel free to use the Contact Me page.

One thing to keep in mind...the screen resolution on my monitor is 1366 x 768 so that is the size I made the desktop.  You may need to resize it to fit your monitor.  The easiest way to do this is to open a document the size of your screen and then move the desktop file to the top of it and resize using the transform handles. :)

Click on the image below to get your desktop!

Hope you like it!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free Holiday Class

Looking for some holiday ideas??  Jessica Sprague has a new FREE holiday class starting in December.  Registration is open now. You can find more information here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Subway Art

A new Mouse, Paper, Scissors class has started at Jessica Sprague and the first project was way too much fun!  Jessica showed up how to use typography to make a subway art poster for our homes or to give away as gifts.  I've got so many ideas of things I can do this with...I'll never get them all done.  But I DID get this one done so here it is!

I'm also working on a new kit to put in the store.  I'm hoping it will be next week.  I'll let you know when it's ready.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New at KaBoks

I've got some new products in the store at kaBoks.  Fright Night is now completely complete. :)  I have added svg files (cut files) to coordinate with this collection.  They are available individually as well as all the svg files in one collection (you get a discount buying the collection).

Also, I have a Christmas kit ready for you.  There are 4 kits that make up this collection.  The two paper kits and 2 element kits are sold individually or you can buy them all together in one collection for a discounted price. I may have a collection add-on soon so keep an eye out for it.

Don't forget about Digital Scrapbook Day!  Look in the post below this one (Nov 2) and you will find a 30% off coupon good for Saturday and Sunday at kaBoks.  New things are being added weekly!  You can also find all of us in the forums.  Be sure to stop by and say hi!

Now in the midst of all this, Ali had her 12th birthday yesterday!  How in the heck did that happen????  I'm sooo not ready for her to be 12 yet.  She's been so excited about moving up to Young Women's at church and hanging out with her friends that already had their birthdays.  And guess who forgot to take a picture yesterday!  With the most beautiful day!! I didn't think about it until 5:30 when she, Caden, and Brannon were heading out the door.  And of course today it's cold.  Figures, right?  We'll do some celebrating Saturday and I've got the perfect place to take pictures.  I'll share them with you when I get them. 

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Digital Scrapbook Day this Saturday!

Since Digital Scrapbook Day is Saturday, kaBoks has a special coupon for you for the Saturday and Sunday. After you complete your shopping, enter DSDAY in the coupon field and get 30% off. There are lots of new things going in the shop weekly! You can find my store here. Enjoy!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

kaBoks Grand Opening

kaBoks has finally opened!  Yay!!!  You can find my products here.  I'm going to be adding more soon so keep checking.  Right now, you can get 30% store wide until October 30.  Also, you can receive this collaboration kit for free by signing up for the newsletter. 
Click here and you will be taken to the newsletter sign-up form.We are all very excited about you joining us!

I'm going to have links to my products on the Digital Scrapbook Kits page and move the freebies to a different page.  So if you see something you like, just click on it and it will take you straight there!  Hope to see you on the message boards there soon!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Been wondering when I'd ever finish this??  I turned it in today for my AODD final assignment and it will be available to buy on October 15th from kaBoks!  More information will be available later.  I also have a Christmas kit that will be for sale too.  Sneak peek later....

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kit Layouts

In AODD2 this week, we had to make the first paper set in our collection. Here's a sneak peek at what I have in the kit. I used this week's Template Tuesday for my layout...too much energy to come up with a layout of my own after making these papers!

Every year, the first-graders have to turn in a scrapbook page about themselves. Then, they put them in a binder and send it home with a different kid each night. It's Colton's turn this year! I have to admit that the only part of the page I let the kids do is telling me what they want to tell their friends about themselves. I probably should let them do them though. Anyway, I used my Rough & Tumble kit to make Colton's this year. I really like how it turned out!
Both of these kits will be available to buy from kaBoks in October.  BTW...the store opening has been pushed back to October 15...most of us including the store owner is in AODD2 so that will make things a little less stressful.  I'll keep you updated!

Jessica Sprague's next round of Open House has started!  This month you can get Digi-in-Deep and This Old Photo discounted. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to Get Rid of Hiccups

The other day Colton and I were driving back from his doctor appointment.  He was acting really silly which is totally normal for him...he's our comic relief.  Anyway, he ended up with the hiccups.  I was trying to get on the interstate and all of a sudden I hear this really loud "BOO!"  I start explaining to Colton why he shouldn't be screaming in the car especially when we are driving and how that could cause a wreck.  Poor little guy said he wasn't trying to scare me...he was trying to scare his hiccups away!  Well buddy, good luck with that!!!  lol

Friday, August 26, 2011

Storm Damage and BIG Announcement

As I told you in the last post, we came home from Caden's baptism to a HUGE mess.

Fence between us and neighbors and the front of ours.

same fence

This trampoline has lived a very traumatic life.

HELLO neighbors!!

fence on other side of house

neighbors tree between our houses.  This one made me sad...loved that big ol' leafy tree especially when it would bloom in the spring.  Even though the smell was horrible it was pretty. ;)

So now to my big announcement!  I've been working on digital kit designs since I took Art of Digital Design at JessicaSprague.  I'm going to be selling them now in a brand-new shop that will open at the end of September called kaBoks!!  Yay me!!!  I think you will like it there too.  The message boards are already open if you want to pop over and see what it's like.  Siri's store is going to be different...she's bringing all crafters together.  When I say all, I mean, tradtional, hybrid, card-makers, non-scrapbookers, whatever you are.  She has a big dream and a big heart and I'm so excited to be on this journey with her.  I also have some Spraguemates that will be selling there too and I'm glad I get to work with them too.  She has a team of Creative Explorers who have never done any digital before and they will report on their progress as they learn on the kaBoks blog.  I'll keep you posted on when the store's grand opening is.  The kits on my Digital Scrapbook Kits tab will be available for sale there.  Wish me luck!!

And speaking of luck...Caden is needing some.  He and Colton were taking a shower yesterday after playing in the sprinklers.  After they'd been in there awhile, I went to check on them.  I look at Colton and he has all this white stuff in his hair so I chanced a look up.  My dear sweet Caden had taken the shower head and watered the ceiling so that the popcorn texture all came down.  Now we have a HUGE watermark and exposed sheet rock.  Caden needs your prayers that that sheet rock doesn't buckle. ;)  Life at the Hackworth's....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baptism Day!

Caden was finally baptized today!  He turned 8 in June and we kept having to put it off.  He was so good today.  We were kind of afraid he'd get nervous and take off running.  Caden wanted me to give the talk on Baptism.  I found a story on Sugardoodle that involved smearing peanut butter to represent sin and then using a paper towel to "wash away" your sins. I definitely had to pre-warn him about that one!  Caden couldn't get through it without leaving his mark either...of course.  So after Brannon baptized him and he was pulling the plug to drain the water out of the font, Caden decided to kind of swim around in there.  It was pretty funny!  I'm really proud of my little guy!  This is all he's talked about for a couple of months and I'm happy that he finally got it done!

On our way home, we hit a storm with some pretty stout straight-line winds.  We pulled in to our neighborhood and found that the fence between us and one of our neighbors was completely down as well as some of our other fence.  The trampoline is completely mangled and sort of twisted up in the maple tree that lost a lot of limbs.  The same neighbor lost their pear tree that provides a lot of shade for our yard.  We are all very grateful that it didn't hit either one of our houses.  All my flower pots were knocked over and some of the guttering popped off. But all in all, we didn't really have a lot of un-repairable or too costly damage.  Brannon had asked Caden to say the prayer last night and we asked him to pray for rain.  The last time he did, we got a really good rainfall.  Well, I guess we did again!!!

Now, Brannon is calling me outside so until next time!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Digi Kit Freebies

ETA:  Links will be going down tomorrow, Aug 12.

I'm going to be removing the links for my scrapbook kits soon so if you want them for free, grab them now!!  :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Design Factor Challenge 6

Just Desserts is now on the Digital Scrapbook Kit page!  Since it's a bigger kit, I have download links for the whole kit or you can download the papers and elements separately.  I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dinosaur Giveaway

Well...not an ACTUAL living, breathing dinosaur but some really cute cutting files designed by Charity Adams!

Digi Scrap Connect Blog Train

Welcome to the First Digi Scrap Connect Blog Train.  This blog train is
comprised of 24 fabulous designers who have been participating in the Design
Factor Challenge the last 5 weeks.  For our 5th challenge, we were required to
make an element pack using CU items.  Since 1/2 of the items for all the kits
would be coming from the Scrap Matters great challenge freebies, we were worried
that we were going to have flowers, ribbons and strings coming out our ears with
this challenge :).  We decided to have fun with it and turn it into a great Blog
Train by adding some fabulous papers as well.  Flowers, Ribbons, and Strings Oh
My!!  the blog train was born.  We hope you have fun collecting the great mini
kits.  If you get lost along  the blog train, just return to Digi Scrap Connect
to find the list of all participants.

Here's the rest of the train...

Scraps by Mara
Digital Gator Designs
Snackpackgu's Designs
Rumki Designs
Designs by Angel
Scrapdragon Designs
Rebecca Meyers Designs
Ramona Memories
Binty Designs
Lizard Dau Designs
Digital Harmony
Foosa Moon Creations
Midnight Owl

If for some reason you jumped in the middle and need the rest of the blog train, here it is...

DigiScrap Connect {Home Station}
Piccolina Designs
JDK Skrapz
Dancing Princess Designs
Inspired By Dominic Designs
Dana's Footprints Designs
Milly Dee Designs
Amanda and Millie Designs
Rose Thorn Designs

Have fun and enjoy your freebies!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Class Layouts

I've really been going through the classes at Jessica Sprague.  I've got some more layouts done and some in the process of being done.  Her Open House is still going on so you still have time to jump in!  If you are scared to try something new or are afraid that you won't be able to keep up...STOP WORRYING RIGHT NOW!!  You can ask for a mentor to help you out with one or ALL of your classes...I happen to be one of those mentors. ;)  The classes are always can finish them at anytime and always have the class material available to you. are some layouts from Now We're Rockin (the first 3) and Digi in Deeper (the last one):

Until next time...

Design Factor Blog Hop

Are you ready for another blog hop??? Some of the designers participating in the Design Factor are having a blog hop using the elements kits we had to do for Challenge 5 plus papers we added to go with our ellies kits.  Here's a sneak peek...

The blog hop will start July 28th at Digi Scrap Connect.  I'm not going to have my Challenge 5 kit available as part of my Digital Scrapbook Kits page since it's part of the bigger kit in the blog hop. Right now we are only planning on having the blog hop kits available through August 4th.  If that changes, I'll let you know.  I'm also going to disable the links for my other kits on August 4th so if there is anything you want, grab it now!  :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Challenge 3 is Up!

This is my latest from the Design Factor Race!  I'm about to disable the link for the first challenge so if you want it, better grab it. ;)

Do you want to know more about Up & Running at Jessica Sprague???  Here's a couple of the layouts you do in the course of the class.  You get all the supplies you need to make each of the projects and there are TONS of projects!!  You can do them all at your own pace too.  If you need help, you can request one of us to be your mentor...kind of a personal teacher assistant for you. ;)  There's always help abounded at Jessica Sprague!  Hope to see you there!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

M&Ms :)

If you've ever wanted to learn how to scrapbook using your computer, this month is the time to get started. just celebrated four years online and is offering the month of July as a Beginner's Open House. Until July 31st, you can order both beginner classes  for 30% off!  Up & Running with Photoshop is regularly $45 and in July, you can get it for $31.50! Photo Editing: Good-to-Great Workflow is regularly $49 and in July, it is $34.30. Steal of deal, folks. In August, the next level of classes will be on sale and the advanced classes in September. The nice thing is that the classes are self-paced and you can complete them at your leisure, at home, whatever time of day you wish. Oh ... another nice thing is once you purchase a class, it's yours forever! You can go back and review the lessons whenever you want.
There is a new program available now, too ... The Magnificent Mentor Program was instituted this month and I was privileged to join the team. We are called the M&Ms (cute, huh?) and are assigned to people wanting more personal coaching than what they receive from the classes or the forums. This service is FREE! To ask for a mentor, contact Meg at
The "Spraground" is a fabulous place to play. We'd love to have you pull up a swing and join us in "using technology to beautify, enhance, record, celebrate, and tell the stories of your life".

PS...Thanks Tammy for writing this up so I didn't have to think. ;) 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fruit Salad

I have a new kit on the kits page!  I did this one for Design Factor Challenge 2.  Click on the digital kits tab and you can download it from there.  Hope you enjoy it!  BTW...all the kits I have over there right now are free so grab them while you can!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Digital Scrapbook Freebies

I know...I'm a little slow.  The Art of Digital Design class has been over for a long time but if you will click on the Digital Scrapbook Kits tab at the top then you can download my final assignment.  It's a direct download so when the box pops up, just click Save.

Friday, June 10, 2011


So April and May ended up being really busy months and June is starting to follow suit.  I'm just now getting some of my latest posted.  First, remember the craft desk I said that my dad was building me? Or did I just mention it on Facebook?  Anyway, I've had it for a little over a month now and I'm loving it!  It takes up all kinds of space but totally worth it.

The finished size is about 8' x 3' x 36 1/2". I still use my other cabinets and my closet but both are too messy right now to show you. ;)

Every year I make albums for all the kids teachers.  The inspiration for this year's albums was from the MPS:Mom class at Jessica Sprague's web site. At least I stole the shape and some of the elements but had to change a lot of it to fit what I was doing.  But that's the whole point of these classes, right?

I did Mrs. Spearman's first so it's a little different from the other two...just a little though.

I made little journaling tags that I sent to school for the teacher's to pass out to their classes.  When the kids filled them out, their teachers sent them back.  So they knew something was coming. The pocket on the back is for extra pictures or whatever and will even fit a cd.  The zip lock has extra elements I printed out for them to decorate their pages with after they got the pictures adhered in the book...kind of like I did with Colton's page.  I got the decorations from Echo Park's Walk in the Park Elements Pack.

Now to the project I just finished today...

This is from the MPS: Dad class. It's an album for Brannon for Father's Day.

Here are the pages both before I printed them out and how they look with the book put together and decorated.

Then my sister was just here looking at it and informed me that I put 11years instead of 9 years (of marriage).  Ooooppppssss! So I guess I'll start digging in my Thickers stash to fix that one.  I made 3 note cards so the kids can each write him a note...that's what's in the pocket.  This class is a self-paced one so you can still take it and have it finished in time for Father's Day.

Sorry for the picture sneeze....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kimono Blog--Start Here!

Yay! It's time for the blog hop! I hope all of you are ready...we have some fun treats to share with you. ;) We've (the Art of Digital Design Class, March 2011 at Jessica Sprague) had a lot of fun putting this together for you. Most of the treats were made using the new Kimono kit (which we created too) and you may find a few surprises along the way.  If you would like to purchase the Kimono kit, just click on the kit image below.  We created the kit in hopes of trying to help the victims of Japan's earthquakes and tsunamis from a couple of months ago...even just a little bit.  So if you would like to help them a little bit too, all you have to do is buy the kit!  All proceeds from the sale of Kimono goes to the American Red Cross.

Now, I realize some of you don't know how a blog hop works.  All you have to do is download the treat this case a Quick Page...and then "hop" to the next blog by clicking on the next link at the end of my post.  You will do the same thing until you get to the very end.  A few of us are listing ALL the contributors to the blog hop so if you get lost, you can find your way again.  Ready???

First, download my QP.  The image actually shows a finished QP...the one you download will not have the journaling or a picture of my daughter or my logo. ;)  Where her picture is, you will see a transparent space.  When you open up the QP in your photo-editing software, you will move your photo to the page and then just move it BELOW the QP layer and then just re-size your photo (ctrl + T) if you need to.  Easy peesy!  If you have problems, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll help you out the best I can.

To download, click on the image. :)

Now, go to Mellybird Design's blog for your next treat! In case you get lost, you can always come back here or to one of the others posting the whole list.

Here's the order of the hop:'re already here so you really don't need a link, right?? lol
Mellybird Designs
Michele Pouliot
Stephanie Costello and Dori Melton
Pamla Klenczar
Rosa Mia Nissenbaum
Christina Ming
Anissa Burson
Foosa Moon Creations
Mary Moseley
Maribeth Graf
The Digital Celt
Zindra Nelson
Jellybean Design
Lady Bug Designs
Cori Farnsley
Yvonne Michelle
Little Birdie Digital Designs
Monique Helfrich

The actual blog hop doesn't start until 11:59 tonight, Eastern.  I'm posting mine a little early since I plan to be asleep then. :D  So if you start the hop before then, you may have to revisit some of the blogs to get everything.  The links will actually be available for awhile so you have time to visit everyone. Just be aware that everything won't be ready if you start early. ;)
Ok, here ya go!  Ready, Set, GO!!!!!