Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scrappy Weekend

We spent this past weekend in Arkadelphia at my mother-in-law's house. I took my laptop and played around with some layouts. I made this desktop too. I haven't put a new one up since April and I was getting tired of Ali bugging me about it. True, it says October but September is almost over anyway, right? I made it out of Shabby Princess's Harvest Spice kit and the cross-stitches are a brush I got from Obsidian Dawn. Shabby Princess has a LOT of free digital kits (very cute ones too!). You can actually get lost on both of those web sites. Anyway, I did this desktop for my computer. I made a png version too so you can add your own photos and put it on your own computer. Just let me know if you want one!!

These other two are just digital pages I was playing with too. The photos in the first one are part of the ones I took as part of the photography class I'm taking right now (see last post). The baby layout is Colton. The kit we got this month as part of our Premier membership on Scrapper's Guide was a baby kit.

And for this one...I found it while I was looking for the other projects I was putting on here. I forgot I even did this one! I really need to buy ink for my big printer so I can get all my digi pages in albums. Donations welcome! Just kidding...sort of. :)

I still haven't scanned my other pages. I'll get it done one of these days!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Return to Blogger-land

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) has started up again and today we were all listing our blogs. So...since I haven't been on here updating anything except for my background, I figured I'd better start. It's not like I haven't had anything to "report". We've been to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play (and lose to) the Astros. We went to Disney World in June and saw Vicksburg on the way home. And I have been scrapbooking some...not as much as I was during my design team stints though. In fact, I have some pages that I desperately need to scan. I've been doing more digital while taking some Jessica Sprague classes ( Right now, I'm taking Candice Stringham's Oh Shoot Digital Photography class on Jessica's site. This week we are in MANUAL mode! I was playing around with it last night and took this picture of Ali...inside during the evening. This is without any editing except to resize it so it'll fit on here.

Not bad, huh?? Wish I had known all this in June...BEFORE the Disney trip. But that's rained just about every day we were there anyway so I didn't take too many pics for fear of ruining my camera. Anyway, this was taken with a Canon Rebel T2i, 1/25 shutter speed, f/6.3, 400 ISO, 50mm focal length, auto white balance, and NO flash. Yep...that's right...NO flash, indoors, with lamp light. And yes, I'm just a little bit proud of myself!! Miss Hardly-Ever-Left-Auto Mode-Without-Going-Into-A-Panic-Attack.

Here's some digital layouts I did during Jessica's Pen Tablet class I took a few weeks ago. Seriously, if you want to learn about digital scrapping or photography (including editing) and other fun stuff, check out her web site. She's even got a free class coming up in November. Another good site for learning Photoshop Elements is Anyway, back to the layouts. All of them were done with templates that Jessica included in the class materials except for Play which I did from scratch.

Enjoy! And I'll try to get my paper layouts scanned tomorrow. :)