Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Caden's Surgery

Today was Caden's surgery. We got up around 6:00 this morning and left Caden asleep until it was time to go. We took toys and coloring books but he didn't want to play with anything. There was a fish tank in the waiting room that completely distracted him until they called us back. The nurse came in the prep room and gave him some medicine to relax him...totally made him drunk and loopy!!! I was laughing so hard I was crying! It took a few minutes to start working. We were rubbing his head trying to relax him and when that medicine kicked in he got completely hyper! So much for relaxing! He was giggling and trying to jump off the bed (actually do a head dive off the head of the bed!) and then laughing his little head off about it. His eyes were rolling in the back of his head and he was all wobbly and his speech was slurred. You would've thought they had given him a beer or something...he was tanked! The nurse told us that he wasn't as bad as some kids get. Just about as quick as that started, he was drowsy and they wheeled him back to surgery. It only took 10 minutes or so. His doctor came out and told us that he was really pleased with how everything turned out. His little tongue was tighter than he had thought at the office visit. Caden took 30 or 40 minutes to come back around. His tongue was swollen and the doctor gave him a local on his tongue which I'm sure made his tongue feel even bigger. Caden kept telling us he couldn't breathe but I think it was because his tongue and throat felt funny. He didn't want to leave the hospital so we just stuck around. The recovery nurses were really nice to him and were really patient. All of a sudden, he popped his little self up and said he was ready so we left! The anesthesia made him sick a few times but that part went away quickly. He tried playing a little bit but that lasted only about 5 minutes. Then, he just stayed on the couch all day. Now, he's up playing and having a great time. So, I'm happy to say it was a great success!! Thanks to everyone who sent thoughts and prayers his way...they were greatly appreciated!!!