Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Ending

Our 4th of July weekend started out really well. We went to Arkadelphia Thursday night. Friday, Brannon and I painted the bathroom. That night the kids had sparklers. Saturday, we finished up our part of the bathroom. Then, Saturday night hit. Brannon's brother and girlfriend were there at dinner too and all of us were sitting around the table talking. Ali comes in at one point to tattle on Caden. Needless to say, the kids were fighting a lot by that point. Maybe a 1/2 hour or so after that, we all got up so Brannon and his brother could go hang a door. We realized we hadn't seen Caden for a long while and we hadn't heard him either. All of us start calling his name and Brannon is grilling Ali on when she saw him last. She had told him she was telling and that was the last time she saw him. We looked everywhere he would fit...even taking the blankets down on the beds and looking under them. Then, we go outside. At this point I'm panicking. I walk down to the pond and couldn't find him there and then walk back up to the barn. Brannon and I drove down the road one way and Blaine and Ashley took off the other way and still no Caden. Bill calls the sheriff's department and has them tone it so then all these volunteers...most of them from the volunteer fire department and friends of Bill and up to help me find my baby. Brannon and I had just started back towards the house with one of the deputies when Bill told us he'd been found...this was at least an hour later I think. Judy's sister went back through the house one more time and she found him on one of the beds under the pillows asleep. He had hid from Ali when she said she was going to get him in trouble and placed the pillows just right over top of him. We never saw him. Margaret just saw a little bit of Caden peeking out so we thought he probably got hot and moved a little. I can't believe all the people that showed up to help us! I'm very grateful for all of them and especially for Margaret for finding him. My heart has always gone out to those moms and dads on tv pleading for help in finding their I can empathize with them a whole lot more. I've never felt so numb and scared in my life. I was terrified that he had walked down the lane and got to the highway and someone had taken him. Caden is too scared to get too far from us like that but I really didn't know what else to think since we couldn't find him. I don't ever want to go through anything like that again. My kids have been getting extra hugs and kisses since then! I appreciate them a whole lot more too!!