Friday, February 29, 2008

Computer Issues!

Yesterday evening about an hour before Brannon needed the computer for fantasy baseball, the computer crashed! It had been acting funny all afternoon...just really slow. Even scanning a layout took 5 minutes per side and this new scanner is super quick. So, I decided to just do a restart. When I did, I kept getting an error message saying that some System 32 file was corrupted or missing and Windows couldn't start. Needless to say, I just about peed my pants! I really needed the computer for this weekend...Crop Addict has an online crop and my shift is from 12-2 (Central) and I'm supposed to upload all my design team projects for Serendipity tomorrow. Not a good time for the computer to decide to mess with me! I ended up doing a PC Recovery which diverted the computer back to factory settings but it was able to save all my data files. But I've spent all day re-installing software and all my equipment. What a pain!! But the good thing is, that it essentially cleaned up my harddrive...I had 3 versions of Photoshop Elements because of the upgrades and that took up a lot of I'm down to one. There were other programs on there too that came with printers or whatever that I had installed but I never used them, so I didn't reinstall them, freeing up even more space. I can always re-install them later if I want or need to.

Yesterday wasn't a total bust though. I did manage to get 2 more layouts done for the 2Peas Calendar girls. I need one more to reach goal for the month but at this point, that's not going to happen.
This is the one I just finished scanning and stitching when the computer went crazy on me. I used the sketch for Feb 4th on this one.

This is the one I did after the crash. I used the sketch and the prompt (tilt page elements) from Feb 9/10 for this layout.

Well...had something else but of course Ali had an emergency so I forgot what it was. Oh well...I'll think of it later!