Monday, January 21, 2008

My little disaster!

Yesterday, the kids were sick so we didn't go to church. I spent most of the day working on tagging and organizing my digital scrapbook kits (for ideas how to do this, see Patty Debowski's book...the link is on the bottom-left). Anyway, since I was up here all day, I just brought my sandwich up with me and my drink. I NEVER leave my drink by my computer, but for some bizarre reason I did this time. Not only that, it was on the shelf above everything. And yep, I spilled the darn thing...all over my Wacom tablet!! I can't believe I did that! My pen part still worked thank goodness but the mouse wouldn't. I just knew I'd have to buy another one! Finally, after the mouse dried out a bit, I got smart and cleaned my tablet with Brannon's glasses cleaner. Then, it started working. A little later, I got on the internet and my browser kept backing up (like the back navigator button was stuck) until I'd get all the way to the home page (or the first page on a new tab). Kristen told me to delete all my temporary cookies and internet files. I did but it was still doing it. I also tried live chat with my cable (everything is bundled together) but he tried telling me it was a software problem and not theirs. how come both of my browsers were doing it??? After I gave up and shut the computer down, Brannon told me that 1/2 of our cable was out too...we didn't have any channels below 100. Sounds like a cable problem to me!! I was scared to death that I had caused my internet problem to but nothing was spilled on my CPU or my modem so I really didn't know how I did it. But it all happened at the same time...pretty stressful evening for me!! So far today, everything seems to be working ok. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!


Unknown said...

oh no Kim - hope everything works out and things are up and running!

ellen s. said...

oh no!!!!!!!!! i am glad it is working again! phew! keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Morgan said...

Whew, glad it didn't fall on your computer!