Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dishonest people

I know that every once in awhile everyone tells a little white lie. That's not what this post is about. This is about the really dishonest people. Yesterday, Brannon and I drove over 2 hours to go to a scrapbook store that carried a certain product I wanted and wasn't available here. This place was listed as a store on the manufacturer website. So, off we went! We end up pulling into a residential sub-division and the address was that of a home! I was soooo disappointed. We finally found a couple of other stores and I told the owner of the 2nd one what happened. Apparently, this lady is notorious for doing this kind of thing, even going so far as to take pictures of other stores to show as her own. The manufacturer of the product I wanted doesn't allow anyone but retailers to order from them, so she lied to be able to be listed on their website. According to the other store, I'm not the first one to have driven hours just to find a house instead. She's been turned in before (and was again yesterday!) and has even been kicked off other manufacturer web sites before...guess it doesn't matter to her. She'll just keep doing it until she gets everything she wants. I think it's sad for the honest business owners who are doing what they are supposed to and then they have someone around that cheats like that. Anyway, this has really been on my mind and wanted to share. Moral of the before you jump in the car to go to a new store; you never know what you'll really find!

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Laura S. said...

I dont even understand this. Is it just to get it at a wholesale price. Don't people realize that the cost of that kind of lie to your overall well being isn't worth it. Integrity is so important to me.

Sorry you had to deal with that.