Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wow...tagged again!

I was tagged again! This time by Chipper. Her blog is Stamperriffic. I just looked at it and she has a lot of cute stuff on her site (cute kids too!). So I hope you have time to check it out!! I still don't know who to tag...I have so many blogs I like to look at. I really need to update my list but still haven't had time to really mess with it. I've got 7 things listed about me on my post from April 29th. I can't think of 7 more right now. We just got home from a trip to my in-laws. A few hours in the car with three children (4 if you count my hubby) is pretty mind-numbing. If I get a chance, I'll come up with 7 more. Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Until next time...

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