Monday, June 11, 2007 printer!!!

Last week my HP All-in-One died. After a day of mourning and contemplation (more like "how in the world am I going to tell my husband??), I decided to move on and compare other printers. I use my all-in-one constantly with my Stampin' Up! business so I really did need to replace it. Saturday, I got on the internet and started looking at other HPs. I found a couple that were OK but then I went to Epson. I really love my wide-format Epson and the picture quality can't be matched (in my opinion). And then, there it was. A PHOTO all-in-one! How cool is that??? It had a 6-cartridge system, and photo restoration for those faded photos we all have, and just normal copy and print capabilities. You can also hook your camera up or memory card and do other functions PC-free. Brannon was up here with me while I was looking and I sold him on it (and I never thought I was good at sales). had a $20 rebate on them and I checked out Best Buy's web site. The normal price for them was the same and they also had them on sale but you couldn't see the price until you added it to your shopping cart. We assumed it was going to be the rebate--meaning they were just passing the instant rebate on to the customers. We load up and head over there to look at it and it was on sale for $99!!! The regular price is $149.99. Brannon let me get it right then. Turns out the sale for it ended Saturday too so it was good timing! Oh, I'm talking about the Photo Stylus RX580. Anyway, I get it home and hook it up and I LOVE IT! I always thought my HP Photos looked good until I got my first Epson and it put them to shame. This one is the same way. So for any of you looking for a multi-functioning printer with photo capability, I would recommend this one or any of Epson's photo printers. And, I would recommend the individual cartridges over the tri-color ones any day. Incidentally, I plugged my HP in afterwards just to see what it would do. Would you know that it turned on just fine? Oh well, now I have a back-up I guess!

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