Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Stampin' Up! Retirement List

It's finally here and it's looonnnnnggggggg! I've lost over 50 sets just glancing over it. There's a few more sets that I still want to get though. We have until June 30 to buy anything off the retired list. Since I get this question all the time, I'll just address it here. No, Stampin' Up! usually doesn't run a sale on retired sets. Having said that, that doesn't mean they couldn't start; they just haven't done it in the past. You can access the retirement list with the links to the right (My SU! web site or SU! customer web site). I'm planning a retirement party in June for all of our favorite stamp sets. I'll have more information coming later. You can check the calendar either at the right or on my SU! web site.

To use my Google calendar, you must be one of my current customers. Just click on the link and it will ask you to set up a free Google account if you don't already have one. After you get an account, email me your account name and I will add you to the user list.

I have a lot of inspiration sheets (project sheets) that go with some of the retirement sets. Let me know if you need one for a set you have that's leaving.

I'm going to go and see what, if any, sets I still have left. Sure glad I decided to go unmounted with my retired sets!!

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